Research & Development

With independent research and development, Rota has gradually built a multidisciplinary shared research platform covering synthetic biology, biological agents, animal nutrition, and biological big data. We have formed:
✦Genetic engineering technology for high-efficiency expression of polypeptide  genes
✦A genetically engineered strain preservation library with thousands of strains
✦Cost-centered fermentation mode
✦Biological activity detection method system for biomolecules

For product testing, our main research and development direction is to develop simple and easy detection methods under the premise of ensuring a certain accuracy, which is convenient for customers with non-biological knowledge background to use, in addition, it also includes the detection and analysis of market-related products. At present, our research mainly uses HPLC method and ELISA method as detection methods, supplemented by biological activity detection and cell biological activity detection. 

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  Rota will continue to improve the development of our products, mainly focusing on two aspects of increasing production and reducing costs.     
  The base adopts automatic modern breeding technology, which can verify the product effect more scientifically. Eventually enable biotechnologies
  to be applied more deeply in intensive breeding.