Ensure the survival of fry is coming to a head! Disinfection prevention should be planed!

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Ensure the Survival of Fry is Coming to a Head! Disinfection Prevention Should be Planed!

Rising fish prices coexist with the difficulty of reproducing fry. Improving the survival rate of fry has become the key to improving pond efficiency, and reasonable disinfection and prevention planning is an important means to ensure the survival rate of fry.

Fish prices recover; Difficult to replenish fry; Survival rate is the benefit

Compared with last year, the amount of ponds in China's two lakes region has shown a significant downward trend, and only about 20% of the ponds are currently stored.


Grass carp of 1-1.5 kilograms has risen to 0.42-0.45 USD/kg. The gap period (high price period) of small grass carp from June to September has arrived. According to the market trend, the price may rise further! At the same time, due to the sharp decline in the number of fry cultivated in 2023, the current market price of 50-150g taels of fry has reached 0.5 USD/kg in some areas. There is a price but no stock, and it is difficult to replenish the fry!


Judging from the situation of fry, the survival rate will directly affect our breeding output and benefits. Ensure the survival of fry is coming to a head!

The disease has entered a period of high incidence, and prevention is better than treatment
The continuous low temperature and rainy weather from mid-March to late April, although the market incidence was not serious, but led to the delay of the early feeding rhythm, and the fish fry were weak. At the same time, as the temperature rises and the weather clears up, those ponds that have been flooded by long-term heavy rain will have explosive growth of pathogenic bacteria.


This year, the high price of fish fry is difficult to compensate, keep the existing fish fry in the pond, and improve the survival rate is the top priority!

According to the three-ring theory of fish health, the environment, physique, and pathogens all require us to control and operate through reasonable management methods. After the continuous rain turns to sunny, we need to first control the number of pathogenic bacteria, which is the disinfection operation of the pond. Reasonable disinfection planning can effectively control the pathogenic bacteria in our ponds, reduce the incidence rate, reduce losses, and ensure benefits!

Disinfection prevention planning, fry survival rate is more guaranteed

1. How to judge that the disinfection product is working?

Among our commonly used disinfection products, dichloride effervescent tablets are the main products, and in order to ensure their best results, we need to pay close attention to their performance from the following key aspects.

  • Whether the effective content is true: many products falsely labeled content, the actual effective chlorine content is too low, it is difficult to achieve sterilization effect, resulting in prevention failure, pond disease.
  • Whether the elimination effect is lasting: whether the inhibition time of the pathogen can reach the expectation is related to the value of the subsequent treatment/feeding (antibacterial) operation.
  • Effervescent dissolution time: whether it can be dissolved within 1 minute to achieve local bactericidal concentration; If the dissolution is too slow, the concentration is not up to standard, there is no bactericidal effect.


2. How to use disinfection products specifically?

What are the use scenarios of disinfection products? Do you know when, how much and where to use it?

2.1 Long-term rain causes serious flooding of the pond bottom. Insect eggs and pathogenic bacteria enter the water body. They multiply in large numbers after the weather clears and the temperature rises. This is the best period for sterilization and inhibition, and the entire pond should be disinfected.


2.2  Cooperation with treatment:

When fish disease has occurred, environmental disinfection work must be combined with the oral administration of ingredients to control the environment and the pathogenic bacteria in the fish to achieve the therapeutic effect. At this time, disinfection must be carried out before and after the oral treatment cycle.


2.3  After insecticide:

After insecticide, the number of insects and algae in the pond has dropped significantly, and the breeding space of pathogenic bacteria has expanded. Disinfection and sterilization operations are required. At this time, the entire pond should be disinfected.


2.4  Regular disinfection of the food table:

The food table is a place where a large amount of residual erbium feces accumulates, and is most likely to breed pathogenic bacteria. To effectively reduce the probability of disease in the pond, it is recommended to carry out regular disinfection of the food court every 7-10 days after warming up.

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